Permalink structure

So, whilst working through my Metalsmith setup, I was faced with the choice of how to structure my permalinks.

The example given in the docs shows the of of just /postName, which works, but gives me a vague concern about having post title conflicts.

In the past I had also seen and used /YYYY/MM/DD/postName.

Getting my OCD on I decided to research the topic a little and see what the current best practices are.

A basic search turns up a ton of results for people configuring Wordpress. The advice given is mostly anecdotal and specified for Wordpress speed reasons firstly and SEO secondly.

Generally the Wordpress community seemed to settle on including the date in the URL, then several years later, decided to drop it as unnecessary and possibly damaging SEO.

Good arguments were given both ways, so I decided to ignore it all and go straight to the predominant indexer of links on the web, Google.

The best resource is the Google SEO Starter Guide which also links to a support article that has additional information.

General notes from the SEO Starter Guide:

SEO Starter Guide URL best practices:

Notes from the Webmaster Support Article:

So given that the shorter the URL the better, the ideal url structure would be something along the lines of /post-name.